August Race Director’s Challenge

To say that 2020 has been a rough year so far might be an understatement – professionally and personally. Everyone has a story as to how they have been affected by the virus. Some have had the ultimate loss; the loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, loss of security. For those of us that […]

Education and Support for our Diverse Community

Like many of you, the daily news has been especially troubling these days for us. Between Covid, politics, riots and shootings, we are searching for positivity. So when Alyssa Mason approached us with an idea for a virtual race that was something positive and proactive that we could be a part of – we immediately […]

Need some summer motivation? I know I do.

It is hard to believe that we are only half way through this year. We have completely altered our lives in the last 6 months, we have seen unspeakable tragedies and amazing stories of inspiration. But BOY – has it been a long few months. While some aspects of life return to normal, for many […]

Impact of Coronavirus on Rhode Races

It is hard to believe it has been two months since we made the incredibly difficult decision about our ability to host the Newport Rhode Race in its traditional sense.  It feels like a lifetime ago.  And while we feel so much has changed in the road racing landscape, so much still remains unknown. In […]

How to Spring Clean Your Running Routine for a Fall Race PR (Personal Record)

We have partnered with some coaches, physical therapists and running specialty stores to provide tips, best practices, and advice as we run solo – but we are not alone. The following are some tips and notes from Coach Catherine of Fit Armadillo.  Check out her website at Whether you signed up for a spring 5K […]

Coaches Tips – Marathon Training

As we all go through a new running reality for these next few weeks, training for Virtual Races can be challenging without your RunSquad. We have partnered with some coaches, physical therapists and running specialty stores to provide tips, best practices, and advice as we run solo – but we are not alone.  If you […]

The Effect of Coronavirus on Road Races

It is important to note that this blog is my own personal feelings. I approach what is happening in our running community as a runner.  These comments below are my own thoughts and concerns as we look towards an unknown future.  Things are changing hourly right now, but I, like many of you, are trying […]

Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives

A core part of our mission has been to be good environmental stewards. As we get to race is some of the most beautiful locations Rhode Island has to offer, we want to do our part in minimizing our footprint not just at these locations, but in our greater global use. To that end, we […]

Planning for Year 5!!!

What is the gift for the FIVE year anniversary?  I am hoping it is MEDAL – because we have some awesome ones for next year!! SINCE – our 2020 Rhode Master Series is OFFICIALLY open! So what is the Rhode Master Series?  Here is a not-quite-complete list: Discount when you sign up for 3 or […]

Faces of the Rhode Races – Maurice Lowman aka “Marathon Panda”

This is the second post in a series written by our guest blogger – Jessica Looney.  Jessica is our Fall Semester Marketing Intern from Providence College.  A runner in her own right, Jess has been helping us craft our marketing message this semester and is completing her Senior year.   1,432 Days and Counting… “THERE IS […]