November Thanks

The November blog is always one of gratitude. Not only is it the anniversary of Rhode Races (Seven years now! Wow), but as the bulk of our race season is over, it is our opportunity to take a breath and reflect on the year, while we are also in full-blown 2023 planning and ways we […]

Ocean State Rhode Race – Course Preview

AAAahhhhh, the Ocean State Rhode Race. I do love this race, for so many reasons. First, Fall running is just gorgeous running and this weekend in October, in Narragansett, has such beautiful, foliage-filled backroads with peeks at Narragansett Bay, peaceful Narrow River, and stunning Bonnet Shores. Secondly, the race has its history in a rich […]

Jamestown Course Preview

People often ask which race is our favorite race, and I respond that it is like trying to pick my favorite child – I love them all but for very different reasons. The Jamestown course tho…… it is a STUNNER!

Runner’s High

I am reading this book that was given to me by my niece, Runners High. I will say that I am not a pot smoker, or weed advocate, or anything like that, so I put off reading it until I was fresh out of a beach read and needed something until I could get to […]

Independence Rhode Race Preview

We have started this series where we give a quick overview as to what to expect on race day. With our summer classic next month – the Independence Rhode Race – we wanted to take some time here to focus on this event. This half marathon originated in 2015 as part of the famous Bristol […]

April is Earth Month

April is always a great time for us to discuss our sustainability initiatives as we start our race season as we know that we need participants help in order to achieve our goals. With Earth Day around the corner, and climate change part of every day conversation, we are communicating our efforts in hopes of […]

Newport Course Preview

With temperatures on the rise, the grass greening up and those daffodils starting to pop – we know what that means! Road race season is kicking off! Our first race of the season is around the corner with our Newport Rhode Race and we are excited to welcome all the new and returning runners to […]

Running and Grief

(I am going to preface this blog by stating that I am in no way a therapist. I am stating my experience and those stories I hear from others. I support and encourage grief counseling.) In my social media feeds these days, there seems to be a lot of loss – often times sudden and […]

Winter Running Gear

It is the second week of January and “Quitter’s Day” is fast approaching. You committed to running more in the New Year but you are facing a weekend of extreme cold, snow, slushy rain and the like. It is getting harder and harder to stay on track but you are determined! You want to be […]

Resolutions & Winter Running – Tips for sticking with it.

The holiday’s are approaching and with it, the inevitable thoughts of reflection on the past year and what the next year will bring. We tend to take stock of our lives and what improvements we want to make in the next year – a fresh start! Resolutions abound. And because we are a running organization, […]