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Jamestown Course Preview

People often ask which race is our favorite race, and I respond that it is like trying to pick my favorite child – I love them all but for very different reasons. The Jamestown course tho…… it is a STUNNER! From the first mile around Mackerel Cove, to mile 3 as you descend into Jamestown Harbor, the beautiful homes in the mid-point of the race, the windmills, belted cows and awe-inspiring view of the Pell Bridge at mile 10, the peaceful estuary at mile 11 and then the downhill finish past the farms – it is just gorgeous!

The Town of Jamestown is a very quiet community and relish getting their peacefulness back after the rush of the summer. To that end, they have limited the number of people they want to impact their roads in the off-season. Therefore, they have capped our race and this beautiful course has become a bit more exclusive. So if you are one of the lucky ones to get into this year’s race, here is a quick preview of the race for you.

To start, bib pick up will be held at Rhode Runner on Friday night from 5-7p or race morning at Fort Getty from 5:30am to 6:45am. Our start/finish and bib check in will located near the Toll Booth on Fort Getty Rd – look for our bright yellow Rhode Races tent. Parking is on site in Fort Getty but please allow some time to park and walk to the race start. Please do not stop at the tent to pick up your bib and then proceed to parking as that will cause Fort Getty Rd to back up quite a bit and delay all of your fellow runners! Please bring your QR code from your race confirmation email to speed up the check in process and remember to bring your ID!

The race starts at 7am at the Toll Booth on Fort Getty Rd. There will be signs and tents at the start. The start and finish are in the same location this year. The course is a traditional “lollipop” course – we utilize the same out and back for the first and last mile but the major part of the course is a rectangle around the island. Review the course map here.

The start of the race is a bit of an uphill as we exit Fort Getty, but the first mile circles around Mackerel Cove and the sunrise can be so beautiful. Mile 2 is through a lovely neighborhood with a short stretch of unpaved, but very compact road.

Mile 3 is one of my favorite miles in all of our races. A beautiful descent into downtown Jamestown and the harbor with impressive yachts, bobbing sailboats, cute coffee shops and everything quintessential New England.

Mile 4 follows the main road towards the Pell Bridge with a coastal stretch along the Bay. Miles 5-7 ambles along a quiet back road with stunning homes and peeks into Narragansett Bay.

Mile 7 curves through another lovely neighborhood where I often come upon deer walking down the road as we are running through.

Mile 8-9 does have some inclines as we climb back out of the lower elevations of the island and head towards the historic windmills and farms. Mile 9-10 will take us past Watson Farm on the right, and windmills on the left. We encourage you to utilize our RaceJoy app to hear some great points of interests about these locations along the way.

Mile 10 is my second favorite mile on the course as you intersect the estuary on both sides of the road with an incredible view of the Pell Bridge as it rises over the pasture where belted cows are grazing, and you pass a great fish stand. It really is so awesome.

This year we have changed mile 11 a bit – taking you off the main road and going past the local school and ball fields for a safer and more scenic route.

Mile 12 brings you back around Mackerel Cove with the downtown finish on Fort Getty Rd!

A couple of notes on the race – PLEASE run inside the coned running lanes. The Jamestown Police are quite strict on this. Especially as you head back down Fort Getty Rd and North Rd (mile 8-11). Because of the participant caps in Fort Getty – any family and friends must be in registered runners cars, we do not have enough parking in Fort Getty for non-runners. Spectators are welcomed on course but please be mindful of the residents and safety of the participants. All participants must be located OFF the road in Fort Getty so as not to impede traffic and residents.

To all of our participants – Good luck in your half marathon efforts and we will be welcoming you back to the finish!

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