Event Management


With over 20 years of combined event management experience, Rhode Races can provide turn-key fundraisers, road races, sporting events and more, to assist you with your organization’s goals. We provide all the tools to help execute a fun and safe event, while allowing you to retain all creative control.


  1. Create engaging events with a focus on safety and professionalism
  2. Provide open communication, clear tasks and goals and a creative ability to create a custom event with knowledgeable industry best practices.


From concept creation to post-event wrap up, Rhode Races will guide you through your ideal event, help you establish your budget and goals while guiding you through the process of establishing your own signature event. Whether your organization is looking to raise funds, establish a fitness challenge or create a family friendly outing, Rhode Races can assist with all aspects of operations, including permitting, website design, marketing and more.


  • Event Management
  • Operations
  • Logistics
  • Event Venue Design
  • Permitting
  • Safety and Medical Consulting
  • Equipment and Vendor Procurement
  • Marketing and Signage Development and Consulting
  • Conceptualization of a Niche Event



Tasks include establishing timelines and roles, permitting, building registration pages, coordinating with local municipalities and event festival plans.

Event Day

We will provide a minute by minute schedule for the day with specifics as to who is assigned to what task at every moment. Clear concise details with specifics provide for a seamless and worry-free event day.

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