Jamestown Course Preview

People often ask which race is our favorite race, and I respond that it is like trying to pick my favorite child – I love them all but for very different reasons. The Jamestown course tho…… it is a STUNNER!

Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives

A core part of our mission has been to be good environmental stewards. As we get to race is some of the most beautiful locations Rhode Island has to offer, we want to do our part in minimizing our footprint not just at these locations, but in our greater global use. To that end, we […]

November – A Time of Thanks

November is a time for reflection and thanks for us.� Not only is it the end of our racing season, but we formed the company 5 years ago in November so it is our Anniversary as well!� (You can learn more about us at this link.) We are always so incredibly grateful at the end […]

Ready to Launch

As I have said before – “running” a road race requires the same amount of pre-race prep, as does actually running the race. �We spend our off-season doing the unglamorous work of planning our race strategies, making tweaks to what went wrong last year and learning to improve and grow for this year. Sound a […]

Spring in Newport

April in New England conjures up many images – daffodils blooming, the grass turning greener, nature shaking off its winter coat and unfurling out its limbs. But for those of us that are runners – it means marathon season! �Everyone gets into the marathon spirit in New England in April! � �Many are either ramping […]

Narragansett Fall Half Marathon

In the past 6 weeks, I have spent 3 of them on our race courses and the other two on my sons’ cross country courses. �On the 6th one – what do I do? Test my own legs with a half marathon! I haven’t raced a half in 2-3 years, I haven’t even run longer […]

Ocean State Rhode Race (aka Why I love our Rhode Crew)

Our last race of the year is usually a big one. �We start and finish the season with a full marathon. �While this year’s race had a new location, we were still going to end on a high note. �Controversy had dominated this race in 2015 and we just wanted to get back to our […]

Jamestown Half Marathon

Jamestown is my favorite “Rhode Race.” �We often refer to it as the red-headed step child of the 4 races – it doesn’t get as much notoriety of the bigger races but the course is just stunning. �The majestic beauty of the downtown harbor as it overlooks the Pell Bridge with its peaceful sailboats bobbing […]