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Summer Running Had Me A Blast (not)

Tips for running in the summer from someone that hates it 😉

I know there are many that either love running in the heat and humidity, or can tolerate it pretty well, but I am not one of them. I LOATHE it – I melt like butter. I have said many times that I would take a snowstorm over 80 degree days and high humidity. My pace slows, I reduce my mileage, I walk a lot, I procrastinate, I contemplate my very existence. But I don’t give up entirely, I try to cheat the summer heat.

There are lots of tips and tricks out there for running safely in the summer and many of them are known: Run early in the morning, find the shadiest route possible, wear light clothing, etc. But here are FIVE of my favorites that might be lessen known:

  • Brush your teeth before you head out. This may be psychosomatic, but the minty freshness while I gasp for air tricks me into feeling cooler. Bonus tip – brushing your teeth before your winter runs has a nice wintry freshness too!
  • Cold, possibly icy, gaiter or hat. I have been known to wet a gaiter and stick in the freezer for a bit before I head out. I put the gaiter around my neck before my run and it helps me stay cool on the hottest days. (I also use that same gaiter to wipe the sweat from my eyes before it stings them.) Same theory with a hat or visor.
  • Electrolytes. I cannot stress enough the importance of hydration, and not just water. And not only in the moments before your run and after, but all day electrolyte replenishment. In days where we have multiple 90 degrees days in a row, we lose valuable nutrients without even working out. If you start running and you are already depleted, your run will not only suck, but become very dangerous! I swear by Nuun – I keep tubes in my car, beach bag and house and sip on it all day. In the Winter, their Immunity tabs are awesome and I drink them with hot water in place of tea.
  • If possible, run near water. Luckily we live in the Ocean State so there is no shortage of available bodies of water. It is generally cooler near water, oftentimes you can feel a breeze blowing cooler air off the surface. Added bonus – just being able to jump right in when you are done to cool off quickly!
I do love running in the summer rain.
  • Wait until it rains! We have had a lot of rain in this summer – for better or worse. But running in the summer rain has a childlike joy to it! Jump in puddles, dance in the raindrops and enjoy the refreshment that a warm summer rain can be. You are going to be soaked when running the summer, isn’t rain better than sweat!?!?

What are your less-common tips for hot weather running? Let us know – we are always looking for ways to cheat the summer heat!

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