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My Favorite Running Podcasts (Right Now)

For a FT RunGeek like me, I love all things running. I am guessing if you are reading this newsletter, you are in the same boat. I know many listen to podcasts while they run as it helps keep their mind occupied, I love listening to music as I like to work out my own problems and ideas while running and the music is just a nice background. But I love to educate myself while driving with a great podcast that helps while away the hours. So thought I would share some of my favorites that I am listening to right now, and hoping you will share your favorites as well.

Six Minute Mile – this podcast is hosted by David Lavallee and it is Boston-based, so he references a lot of Boston landmarks, particularly Boston Marathon landmarks – which I love. But he interviews notable runners, nutritionists, industry enthusiasts, and more. One of my favorites was the interview with John “The Penguin” Bingham – any longtime reader of Runner’s World would be familiar with his articles. Just a great advocate for running and racing. In addition – their newsletter is the best! I highly recommend it, I learn something new all the time.

The Rambling Runner – One of the most popular running podcasts out there, Matt Chittim is all about helping inspire amateur runners and telling incredible stories. Matt’s interviews range from Olympic hopefuls to a former soccer player who decided to run across the country. Fun fact – Matt lives in Rhode Island so there are some great references to RI running. He did a great interview with Jordan Mann when Brown was canceling Men’s Track, but the most moving podcast I listened to was #234 with Kiese Laymon and what it meant to be a runner of color. It moved me to tears – well worth a listen.

Ali on the Run – Hosted by Ali Feller, she and her family packed up and left New Jersey when the pandemic hit and moved in with her parents in rural NH, “only for a few weeks until everything passed.” Over a year later they have just decided to stay and have their own place just down the street. But Ali has some great interviewees and series in her podcasts – The On The Job series is one of my favorites as it gives you an insight as to what other runners do for work – incredibly interesting jobs.

The Running Duo – this dynamic twosome is from Atlanta and they just have a great vibe, their style is fun and they play off each other well. While I have never been to Atlanta, it has an incredible running community, and India and Tommy make me feel like I am part of it.

Early Call Time – This one is specific to race directors and I LOVE hearing this industry knowledge. They interview some of the nation’s most prestigious race directors and production companies, they debate our industry, and educate us about some best practices. Eli and Tony will give you an in-depth view that’s behind the scenes of the production of road races. Next time I hear a runner complain to me about their GPS measuring differently than our marathon, I am going to reference the David Katz interview for them (Feb 4, 2021). I called our USATF certifier after listening to this and thanked him!

There are other podcasts that I listen to, but aren’t running specific – but these are some of my favorites. Let me know – what are yours!?!

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