Training Season

I have always said that executing a race is similar from either side of the coned lane – by the time you get to race day, most of your work should be done.  If you prepped right in the off season – race day should be easy.  You have to visualize what can go wrong […]

A New Year, A New Company

We have undergone some changes here, behind the cones – one we hope is for the better. We are keeping much of what has been working in these races – great courses, amazing volunteers, pacers, etc but changing up what hasn’t worked.  We have learned a great deal in the past and we hope to […]

Why do I run?

I was given this poem by my HS coach.  I have referred to it often as it has helped me through some tough times.  I now have two kids that run HS XC country and you can only “coach” running to an extent.  Running is 90% mental.  The original hangs in my kitchen for every […]