A New Year, A New Company

We have undergone some changes here, behind the cones – one we hope is for the better.

We are keeping much of what has been working in these races – great courses, amazing volunteers, pacers, etc but changing up what hasn’t worked. We have learned a great deal in the past and we hope to be better for it.

To start, our company is a sports event management company but it is also a Rhode Island Benefit Corporation. This is a new designation which means we are a for-profit company but our core mission is to provide a social benefit. Not only will our company provide the obvious health and wellness benefits that any endurance event provides but we have additional goals – to foster goal attainment and self-esteem not just amongst our participants but in the larger running community, to lessen our environmental impact, to be better partners to local vendors and businesses and to provide fundraising and monetary benefits to chosen charities. They are lofty goals but we are trying to set the bar high.

But at its essence – we hope to execute amazing races and sports events. We want your feedback – what do you like about these races in the past, what would you like to see this year, what is your favorite part about participating in these events, and what amenities are important to you? If you have a few minutes – please consider filling out this survey. We truly want to hear from you so that we can plan the best races in 2016. We hope to give you a more personal experience – to help you attain your goals. We have lots of ways to interact – FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+. Talk to us and we will do what we can to get you across that finish line.

Please – sign up for our email list, like our social media, and bookmark our website. We hope you will continue to give us your feedback – good, bad, or indifferent. As runners – we are always trying to PR – that is no different if you are inside the coned running lane or out!

Hope you will join us this year.


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