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Wine Run Preview

We typically do a race preview blog in advance of each race, but the Wine Run is a unique event for us – less competitive and more fun! Plus – if you know me at all, I love wine and running like I love peanut butter and jelly. They are all something that is part of my daily life! 😉 For that reason, it is always one of our favorites.

This event is at Westport Rivers Vineyard and Winery and it is just a beautiful location. The vineyard is family owned by the Russells and it is just such a relaxed atmosphere. The course itself runs through the vines and their farmland but also has peaceful stretches along the river. It is important to state that most of the course is off-road, along trails, and actually through the rows of vines. If you are not used to running off-road – take your time and watch your step. The ground is very uneven. Again – this event is less competitive and more fun, just relax and enjoy the 3 miles amongst the varietals. Walking is certainly ok

To back up a bit as to what to expect on event day. We will start at the beginning – parking, and bib pick up are all right at the Vineyard but please please please – arrive early. We have nearly 600 participants and we can’t park and check everyone in within the 30 minutes before the race. We will send you a QR code on the morning of the race for a quick check-in – please have that pulled up on your phone, and your ID ready before you reach the check-in table. We can’t give you the tasting bib without verifying your age.

We will have one start time for all the participants at 3 pm. The start and finish arch is right next to the check-in table. Please self-seed in the starting corral – fastest in the front, slower, and walkers in the back. You can start after the horn goes off at 3 pm, but we cannot adjust that start time so it just means your overall time will be longer. There will be a cut-off for starting at 3:10 pm, just to provide safety for the runners coming back on the course.

The course has a downhill start with some uneven terrain with some loose rocks so be mindful of this. We will cross a road and head out into the main vineyard. We traverse a number of vines, around some and through some. The course will be marked with flags, cones, and spray paint so if you do not see an obvious turn, go straight! There will be one water table at about the halfway mark, near the Barn just after mile 1. You can hit it twice, once as you enter a back vineyard and a second time as you exit it. The last mile is closest to the road with some nice long stretches through the vine rows. You will cross the same street again (please stay on the grass and cross ONLY at the police officer – we need to be mindful of the neighbors that use this road and ensure your safety) and then head back up the hill to the finish.

Walkers are more than welcome. The course is open until 5 pm. Dinner stops being served at 5:30p, and we must clear out by 6 pm.

Once you cross the finish line, you will be given a bottle of water and your souvenir wine glass. This is what you will use for the wine tasting. Your bib will have 5 circles on it for the 5 varietals that you can taste. Westport determines the wine selection but you are welcome to stay with a certain varietal for all 5 if you wish. Once you have sampled your 5 glasses, more are able to be purchased at the Vineyard. You can purchase bottles, but they cannot be consumed at the Vineyard. There is also beer available for purchase if you have a guest with you that would prefer that selection.

Your bib will also have your dinner ticket on there. Please hand that to the volunteer when you enter the buffet line. The dinner is a BBQ menu – Caesar Salad, Assorted Chips, Cole Slaw, Mac & Cheese, BBQ Pulled Pork with Hawaiian King Rolls, Corn Bread, and Watermelon. Dinner and Wine Tasting start at 3:30 pm as does our acoustic live music.

The Vineyard is open to the public, so non-running guests are welcome to come. If they wish to join us for dinner – they will need to purchase a dinner ticket.

There will be age group awards in 10-year increments. We award Westport’s famous Farmer’s Fizz as prizes!

For some logistics – we will have medical services if you need them, portalets will be available on-site and water will be at the water table on course and at the finish line. Dogs and strollers are NOT allowed on the course – it is just too uneven and tight in the vineyard.

Hope you can join us and let us know if you have any other questions!

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