Get your BQ in PVD

We often view the Boston Marathon as the BIG brother to the north for our Providence Marathon. While not in the same size or scale, we are close in date and proximity – and that’s ok. 🙂 #marathongoals

When the bombs hit in 2013, we were struck especially hard. It hit me personally as it was the first year I wasn’t running it after a number of years of being there and I was so shook by the thought that my kids could have been standing there when it happened. So scary.

But is also incredibly frightening as we had our own marathon in a few short weeks, just 45 minutes down the road. It was a scary time for sure. Long story I will spare you with – but the race went off (albeit with a TON of security) and we had a number of the Boston participants who were unable to finish in the weeks before, reach their marathon goals in Providence. It was so amazing to watch the tears of joy, accomplishment, empowerment, and relief. It was incredibly moving.

Since that day, it has been a personal goal to help more runners get their BQ at PVD. We have noticed that we are slowly creeping up the list of the fastest BQ races. ?In 2014, we were 84th, in 2015 we were 74th and last year we were 57th! We want to keep moving up that list!

Providence has a relatively flat course, it is still small enough that you are not weaving through thousands of people to ensure you stay on pace (let’s face it, in a marathon EVERY STEP counts), and we have a great small city vibe!

This year – we have a special prize for those of you who get your pvd-bq-mugBQ in PVD. Come to the awards tent after the race with your results and we will have a memento of your accomplishment!

Learn more about the race and register here.

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