Top 5 Unhealthy Handbag Habits

Handbags are utilitarian pieces of fashion that most women find to be indispensable. Accommodating the likes and dislikes of women around the world there are plenty of styles in handbags. Whether it is a designer bag that you love or an affordable one, there are plenty to choose from. For the best collection of designer bags from popular fashion, labels visit

Choosing the right bag itself is an art. Here are a few mistakes that you should avoid while buying and using a handbag –

  1. Buying the wrong type of bag

Do not buy a bag simply because it is fashionable and because everyone around recommends it. Trendy bags are great for rare occasions but if you are looking for a go-to option that you would use for a long time then pick one that perfectly amalgamates fashion and function.

  • Clutter in the bag

There are handbag organizers to help those who find it difficult to tackle clutter in the bags. When you have a messy handbag you lose track of what you have in it. So pick the right sized bag that comes with neat organization compartments.

  • Uncomfortable straps

There are bags that focus merely on the fashion and come with chain straps and slender straps. These can cause a lot of strain on the shoulders over time.

  • Carrying a shoulder bag that is too heavy

Shoulder bags are great when you carry only a few things. Keep your shoulder bag light. There are plenty of huge roomy shoulder bags. But do not stuff them with things and add too much weight on one shoulder.

  • Placing your bag everywhere

Not all surfaces are hygienic to place the bag. Not all bags can be washed and disinfected. So do not place the bag on the floor. There are handy bag hooks that can be used to hang bags from tables. …