A Complete Guide: How Toxins Cause Disease

As the name sounds, toxins are unwanted chemical substances that interact with the human physiology and finally damage it. One awful historical example of this instance would be the decline of the whole Roman Empire which took place due to toxicity from leaded water pipes. Later, toxins became limited mainly to occupational exposure or those who perform a specific task like the coal miners. They inhale a lot of coal dust and reported several serious causalities in the long run. However, with the establishment of industrial activity and related revolutionary products, the majority of the population is presently facing a high-risk related to the same.

Generally, there are six shocking ways by which toxins can harm your body.

  1. Poison the enzyme engines and take your body to an inactive state. This means every bodily functioning like the creation of new cells, hemoglobin production, energy release is all inhibited and thereby, reducing the body’s capacity to resist free radical damage. This, in turn, accelerates early aging.
  2. De-mineralize the bones. Appropriate bone mass is essential for a healthy long life. Toxins displace all the calcium content present in the bones resulting in weaker skeletal structures or osteoporosis.
  3. Can halt the detoxification process of your body causing internal organ damage.
  4. Even can alter the DNA or gene expression of a human body resulting in accelerated degeneration.
  5. The body gets deprived of proper signaling. Toxins can damage the cells membranes and as a result, muscle cells cannot relax, sugar level is not under control, as it has completely lost responding to signals. Visit www.wekratom.com to find the best solution to this matter.
  6. Causes abrupt hormonal imbalances. By entering the human body, these chemicals induce, inhibit, mimic and block hormone receptors which are really vital for the normal functioning. For example, Arsenic can attack the thyroid hormone receptors which leads to missing of thyroid hormone message resulting in the inexplicable fatigue build up.