The Myths About Exercise and Older Adults

You will come across several myths about aging and exercising.  Unfortunately, people do believe that there is an increased risk of getting injured during physical activity as you age. Most people feel that they are old to take part in any exercise classes or community activities.  However, being physically fit will help a great deal in keeping your cholesterol, weight and blood pressure in control.  Below mentioned are different myths that are associated with old age and exercise.

Myth No 1- ‘I’m getting too old to perform any kind of exercise’.

In fact, exercise will help in lowering the risk of various medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and high blood pressure. You could buy a health device to monitor your blood pressure at home. You will find that blood pressure is under control once you start working out.  Discover ApexHealthAndCare to buy health devices online.

Myth No 2- ‘Exercise will increase the risk of getting injured or falling down’

It’s just the opposite. If you are active, it will reduce the risk of you falling down. Regular exercise will make the muscles strong and the weight-bearing exercises would help you in increasing the bone mass. Also, exercise will help in improving the balance which reduces the risk of falling.

Myth No 3- ‘I’m too old to start exercising’

You should know that no one is too old to begin any kind of workout program. Any form of activity like walking for a short distance, tai chi, yoga, aquatics, etc could be beneficial.

Myth No 4- ‘I’m old and I need to take rest’

Inactivity will make you dependent on others and sedentary lifestyle is very much harmful to your health.  Your muscles will continue to be weaker. Even getting from the chair or climbing stairs will become quite harder.