Kids and High Blood Pressure – Here’s What You Need to Know

Earlier days, kids used to play outside all the time either cycling, skating, playing ball, etc and when they are home, mother would have cooked fresh snacks or baked delicious cookies or cakes. All the meals were nutritious, homemade and healthy. But the scenarios have changed now.  The fast life of today makes it difficult to give the kids freshly cooked or baked food items for each and every meal.  Often everyone resorts to ready-made or processed foods.  Also, there are many attention-grabbing advertisements promoting food products for children, but not all of them are healthy. Most of them are loaded with sugar, fats and high level of sodium.

The food choice along with the inactivity has made children obese from a very young age.  Obesity is one of the major reasons for high blood pressure in children.  

Diagnosing high blood pressure

In children, it is quite complex to diagnose the problem of high blood pressure.  For each age, there are different reference table.  If at all the doctor finds the blood pressure is more than normal, he will monitor the blood pressure for a few days in order to ascertain whether it is habitual.


Hypertension in children is not treated initially with medicines.  But changes are made in the eating habits and the child will be asked to perform a few physical activities. You can check out to get ideas for what to buy for the child to make him lead an active life.  If the blood pressure stays high even after the changes, then medicines are prescribed.

How to prevent blood pressure in children

  • Give home cooked food for all meals
  • Encourage them to do physical activity at least 1 hour in a day
  • Adopt steaming, baking, grilling and slow cooking methods at home
  • Avoid junk and processed foods