Can Kratom Show Up On A Drug Test?

There was a time when kratom was thought to be a safe alternative for opioids and even now some people are under the assumption that it is legal to use it to treat pain, depression and other mental disorders.  But overuse of the substance can lead to kratom dependency requiring detox; at OuchClub you can find out about various types of detox. According to FDA kratom is not a dietary supplement but a psychoactive substance containing mitragynine and 7-α-hydroxymitragynine which react with the pain receptors in the brain and reduce pain while producing pleasure. They basically act as stimulants.

Withdrawal symptoms of kratom

The withdrawal symptoms of kratom include anxiety, depression, hallucinations on the mental level while on the physical side one will experience a runny nose, muscular aches, chills etc. tapering the medicine to give the brain a chance to go back to its equilibrium position is one way of treating withdrawal symptoms; the other is to detox using alternative medicines and supplements.

Detox programs for kratom

Usually, kratom detox is done under medical supervision as in several cases drugs like lofexidine which is usually used for treating high blood pressure are used. In medical detox, a combination of medicines is used for tackling the withdrawal symptoms.

Drug testing for kratom

Unless they are specifically looking for mitragynine it is not visible on a routine drug test; urine that is been tested for kratom will be searched for the presence of a metabolite of mitragynine. Even though routine tests don’t detect kratom nowadays several employers are checking for kratom which incidentally remains in your system for five days using the 10-panel drug test where it appears as methadone. Liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry are used to detect kratom. But a point to remember is that not all tests are 100% accurate and there is always scope for false positive and false negatives.…

Kids and Food: Top 10 Tips for Parents

Instilling healthy eating habits in their kids is every parent’s goal. The focus should not be about making the kid finish his plate but to ensure that the plate contains healthy portions of all the essential nutrients. Here are some tips to get your kids to eat healthily –

  1. Kids learn from what they see. So make sure that you establish healthy meal plans for the whole house.
  2. Avoiding consumption of junk food yourself would make it easy to stop kids from being tempted to them.
  3. Find kid friendly dishes and for the younger ones find colorful serving dishes that would get them interested in their meal. For information on various baby products visit Star Walk Kids website.
  4. Give kids the chance to pick from a handful of meal options but make sure that you offer them healthy options to choose from.
  5. When you do not buy packaged beverages, unhealthy snacks and other food items you wish to avoid, they are not going to ask for them.
  6. Involve the kids in the meal preparation tasks. This would help them enjoy their meal better.
  7. Introduce all types of fruits and vegetables to the kids from a young age. This would train their taste buds to accept a variety of food items and prevent them from being too picky.
  8. Find healthy alternatives to their favorite junk food. Right from naturally sweet fruit flavor enriched smoothies to homemade ice creams and baked snacks there are plenty of ways in which you allow your kids to indulge in their favorite snacks without compromising on their health.
  9. Establish regular meal times and start eating at the dining table. Make it a rule that the whole family sits together at least for one meal.
  10. Stay away from distractions during the meal time. Have a ‘no phones at the dining table’ policy at home which should be followed by the elders as well.

Top 5 Unhealthy Handbag Habits

Handbags are utilitarian pieces of fashion that most women find to be indispensable. Accommodating the likes and dislikes of women around the world there are plenty of styles in handbags. Whether it is a designer bag that you love or an affordable one, there are plenty to choose from. For the best collection of designer bags from popular fashion, labels visit

Choosing the right bag itself is an art. Here are a few mistakes that you should avoid while buying and using a handbag –

  1. Buying the wrong type of bag

Do not buy a bag simply because it is fashionable and because everyone around recommends it. Trendy bags are great for rare occasions but if you are looking for a go-to option that you would use for a long time then pick one that perfectly amalgamates fashion and function.

  • Clutter in the bag

There are handbag organizers to help those who find it difficult to tackle clutter in the bags. When you have a messy handbag you lose track of what you have in it. So pick the right sized bag that comes with neat organization compartments.

  • Uncomfortable straps

There are bags that focus merely on the fashion and come with chain straps and slender straps. These can cause a lot of strain on the shoulders over time.

  • Carrying a shoulder bag that is too heavy

Shoulder bags are great when you carry only a few things. Keep your shoulder bag light. There are plenty of huge roomy shoulder bags. But do not stuff them with things and add too much weight on one shoulder.

  • Placing your bag everywhere

Not all surfaces are hygienic to place the bag. Not all bags can be washed and disinfected. So do not place the bag on the floor. There are handy bag hooks that can be used to hang bags from tables. …